Five surprising spring bloomers

Flowering plants are always welcome, but especially in spring. Not just because they give your garden fragrance, color and cheer. After winter, every native flower counts as food for insects like bees. We highlight five surprising spring bloomers that will give you great pleasure in your garden.

1. Special bulbs
Crocuses, daffodils and tulips are always good as spring flowers. However, there are more surprising flower bulbs, such as the Iris. These bulbs produce beautiful purple flowers. Not every iris is hardy, and the bulbs are sometimes damaged by moisture or vole eating. Therefore, put them in a spacious pot that drains well. Place a nice pot at the front door, on the balcony or on your terrace.

2. Perennials: lungwort and cyclamen
Perennials that flower early? There is plenty of variation. Consider cyclamen. It doesn’t just do well in the house. The species Cyclamen coum is an early bloomer. There are many varieties with white, pink and purple flowers.

Lungwort is a very strong little plant that is not very noticeable, except in early spring. Then not only the dotted leaves of these perennials are the first to emerge. The blue, pink and purple flowers also pop in your garden. Because this perennial is indigenous, bees can find food there. There are also beautiful cultivated forms, such as Pulmonaria rubra, with bright red flowers.

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